Advanced Excel

This course is for highly experienced Excel users who have either completed the Intermediate course or who have sufficient experience to be familiar with the Intermediate topics. Cost EUR 95

1 day

Beginner Excel

The aim of this course is to give you an introduction to Excel and enable you to get familiar with formulas, basic functions, data entry, and how to navigate around the programme. Cost: EUR 95

1 day

Certificate in Planning and Inventory Management Version 8 (CPIM 8.0)

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career, our CPIM 8.0 course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the critical concepts and practices required to optimize supply chain operations. Course cost EUR 3350 GES member course cost: EUR 2345

11 Weeks

Cyber Security Awareness Training Workshop

Security Awareness Training is one of the most important investments you can make for the future security of your organisation. This training is a necessary Requirement for GDPR Compliance. It is best practice (and part of legislation under GDPR) to conduct Security Awareness Training for all staff. This is the number one way to reduce your people-related risk of a cyber-attack.

14.00 - 16.30

Diversity & Inclusion for Managers & Leaders

It is not always obvious when someone is different, disabilities can take many hidden forms. LGBTQIA people are not always ‘out’ and someone can be shaped by their ethnicity. The HR Suite have designed this course to educate employees on how to create inclusive workplaces, where simple changes to behaviour and attitude can ensure all employees feel included.This course is designed to provide learners with an understanding of what is meant by diversity and inclusion in the workplace

3 hours

Effective Digital Skills for Data Analytics - Power BI

To provide attendees with the skills required to very effectively analyse data and create visualisations using Microsoft Power BI Desktop & Microsoft Power BI Server. Course Duration 2 days. Trainees must attend both days.

2 days

Effective teamwork for Shift handover

Maintaining quality and efficiency is critical to any 24-7-365 production environment. Achieving this is as much about ‘the right mindset’ of team members as it is about any process. This practical course will focus on maintaining quality during shift handovers; improving communication between team members and developing a ‘mindset’ of continuous improvement. Regular training fees: EUR 350 GES Member training fees: 245

Emerging Managers Programme

We are delighted to welcome you to the Emerging Managers Programme which will provide you with the opportunity to explore best practices in managing people. Regular Course Fees: EUR 1150 GES Subsidised Fees: EUR 805 (fee includes QQI Certification)

Emerging Managers Programme for Hospitality Sector

With the ongoing growth in the hospitality sector, the requirement for all managers to excel at their role is becoming more critical to the growth and development of individual companies. We are delighted to welcome you to the Managing on the Frontline Programme for Hospitality Sector, which will provide you with the opportunity to explore best practices in managing people. Regular Course Fees: EUR 1250 GES Subsidised Fees: EUR 875 (fee includes QQI Certification)

How to Create a Profitable Business

Galway Executive Skillnet in association with Louise Lally Training Academy proudly brings you an enriching session on "How to Create a Profitable Business." Join us to unlock the secrets to business success! Date: Thursday 5th October Time: 4pm-8pm Venue: The Ryan Room in the Connacht Hotel, Old Dublin Road, Galway GES Price: €25

Managing & Leading in a Production Environment

This course is aimed at the team of managers and supervisors who must oversee the successful delivery of 24-7-365 production processes. Regular training fees: EUR 655 GES Member training fees: EUR 455

Managing on the Frontline - Delivering Performance

We are delighted to welcome you to the Managing on the Frontline - Delivering Performance Programme which will provide you with the opportunity to explore best practices in managing people. Regular Course Fees: EUR 1450 GES Subsidised Fees: EUR 1015 (fee includes QQI Certification)

Managing Team Stress & Conflicts

Managers, supervisors or team leads have a role to play in reducing or preventing stress in team members. Also, when conflict occurs in teams, it is vital that it is managed in a professional way so that relationships do not break down and the need for mediation is reduced. This course will help attendees understand what workplace stress and conflict are and from that understanding how to manage both in the workplace. Regular training fees: EUR 350 GES Member training fees: EUR 245

Two Half-Day

MS Word

To provide delegate with the intermediate concepts to edit and enhance standard business documents.

1 day

Negotiation Skills for Success

Negotiating skills are of primary importance for everyone whose role it is to interface with and achieve outcomes through the actions of others. From simple extensions of a project plan to company-level / International commercial agreements, negotiation is a major factor in profitability. Regular training fees: EUR 350 GES Member training fees: 245

Two Half-Day

Process Efficiency for Finance and Back Office Functions

The Process Efficiency course is a one-day interactive workshop designed for employees working in finance and back-office functions. This course combines theory around Design Thinking with practical exercises to enable participants to identify process improvement opportunities and deliver value in their roles or teams. Regular training fees: EUR 220 GES Member training fees: EUR 154

1 Day

Professional Presentation Skills

Often our success within business is dependent upon effective presentations. To achieve success the presenter must engage the audience, communicate effectively and be seen as professional. The course will provide practical techniques and practice to help anyone develop effective and professional presentations. Regular training fee: EUR 350 GES Member training fee: EUR 245

Two Half-Day

Project Management Essential

This 2 -Days course provides learners with all the essential skills, tools and techniques needed to manage projects. The aim of this programme is to provide learners with a working knowledge and understanding of how to manage projects by using best practice. This is a practical programme, which will provide participants with the skills and techniques required to effectively manage each stage of a project. Regular training fee: EUR 500 GES Member training fee: EUR 325

2 days

QQI Level-6 Training Needs Identification and Design

The program provides a solid introduction to main concepts and theories of training design as well as most modern training design methods and tools. Cost EUR 1295 GES membership cost EUR 905

5 days

1 2