Project Management


This course introduces experienced, new or potential project managers to many of the most important concepts they would need to set up and deliver on successful projects. By adopting most recent project management and planning tools & techniques, businesses can revolutionise the work that teams can produce leading to better outcomes, higher productivity and increased profitability.


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This Galway Executive Skillnet programme is cofunded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union.


The course is aimed at individuals who wish to develop their knowledge and competence in project management including those studying independently or working in organisations with responsibilities for managing projects or planning to become involved in managing projects in the future. 

By having a proper project management plan in place at organisational and sub-organisational level, businesses can ensure that each activity contributes towards achievement of their respective strategic goals.

Learners will be made thorough with important concepts of Project Management like:

  • Project management methodologies
  • Project management processes
  • The work breakdown structure
  • Role of project stakeholders
  • Risk identification
  • Key performance indicators
  • Project management and leadership


  • Key principles and concepts underpinning project management theory and practice.
  • Successful Project Manager's key competencies and practical skills needed for effective project implementation
  • Project management methodologies and their application in workplace situations
  • Main elements of the Project Cycle Model and its application
  • Types of project management processes and where they fit in relation to managing a project
  • Importance of time management in successful project management
  • Stakeholders expectations, roles and responsibilities
  • Monitoring and evaluation techniques & their importance
  • Elements of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) & its application
  • Risk analysis
  • Project management and financial planning


  • Portfolio - 70%
  • Assignment - 30%



QQI Level 6 Award in Project Management