Emerging Managers Programme


We are delighted to welcome you to the Emerging Managers Programme which will provide you with the opportunity to explore best practices in managing people. Regular Course Fees: EUR 1150 GES Subsidised Fees: EUR 805 (fee includes QQI Certification)



Training date: September 22, 2pm - 3.15pm -Programme Introduction

Course Duration

Induction + 12 Online Sessions

Course Objectives

As a result of this programme participants will be able to:

• Understand the challenges in managing a team and how an individual team player can actively support the team leader

• Identify the attitudes, behaviours and disciplines required of great team players

• Understand the stages in the evolution of teams and how they can contribute to ensuring that the team consistently delivers to a high level of performance

 • Identify ways in which individualistic well-intentioned behaviours can limit and frustrate team performance

• Determine and commit to personal behaviours to improve the team’s cohesion, performance and collective spirit.

• Understand how communication works and what you can do to enhance your skills

 • Recognise the impact of different communication styles and determine ways to develop the optimum approach

• Address difficult situations with increased confidence and skill

• Use communication skills to enhance team collaboration and co-operation

• Recognise and appreciate the strengths of their natural leadership style

• Identify the strengths of others withing the team and determine opportunities to maximise the identified strengths

• Recognise their natural blind spots and determine actions to manage it effectively reducing stress and frustration

• Analyse your current work practices to assess overall effectiveness

 • Identify areas and practices that are “time wasters” and develop alternative approaches to handling them effectively

• Prioritise work resulting in more effective use of time

• Use a practical framework to work through a decision demonstrating skill and professionalism

Course Content

During this online programme, participants will explore the areas of:

  • Managing themselves and their responses to individuals and contentious or challenging situations
  • Team leadership: How to fulfil the role
  • Communication: Ensuring it’s effective and constructive
  • Organisational and time management skills: Developing good practices, delegating effectively


This programme is QQI certified: Level 5 component certificate in Teamworking. There are 3 areas of assessment which all have a practical element aiding in the application of learning from the programme to the workplace.

1. Skills Demonstration: participants will work in groups (outside of the formal programme) and develop an acronym to assist in helping their employees manage a “flashpoint” moment. They will present to the rest of the group and reflect on how they performed within the team

2. Report: participants will reflect on the value of teams and how best to structure a team. They will also look at specific actions they can take to enhance team performance

3. Case Study: participants will review a case study and determine the action needed to address the situation outlined