Slow Down To Go FAST: Day 1 – Reflection & Intention Setting


Strategic Planning for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Today’s Business Owner


How are you feeling about your accomplishments in your life and business to date?


What would you like to be different this year? 


Hopefully you are proud of what you have accomplished and you want more! You have worked hard! 👏🏻


As you might know, I love to plan! I have a few strategies that really work and I’m going to invite a small group of lifestyle entrepreneurs to workshop some practical solutions to create your best year yet!  




During these two workshops, we will

  • Reflect on our past efforts - what has worked well? What do you want more of? What do you want to let go of? 

  • Find the gratitude for the small moments

  • Identify the 6 main areas of your life to get “balanced” (spoiler alert:  balance is a farce)

  • Set intentions that will push beyond your current state AND be achievable using my proven method that I personally used to move to Ireland 5 years ago

  • Increase (or develop) your clarity about your Mission, Your Message and Your Market

  • Identify your internal compass that will guide your actions, connections, and accomplishments this year

  • Create a realistic action plan that will support your intentions in your life and your business. 


You will leave this workshop series with: 

  • Personalized Gratitude Candle

  • Custom Vision Board 

  • Clarity about your strengths and your top priorities for taking action

  • Journal to document your journey and drive your motivation

  • One Page Plan so you can drive your actions in ways that support your purpose, your values and your goals in life and business! 


Included in these workshops: 

  • Tea, coffee, snacks and a full lunch (ordered at the beginning of each workshop)

  • Supplies for the candle and vision boarding

  • Templates that are customizable for your life vision and your one page personal plan



This 4 hour workshop will include looking back at this past year and identifying the good parts. Building on what works helps you get in a positive mindset. And trust me, there WAS some good last year. For all of us. Finding it may not be easy but with the support in this workshop, you will find it. And that will feel good. 


Next we will review the Life Vision Wheel and begin to set our intentions for each of the 6 parts of the wheel.  This is essential for creating the perceived “balance” in your life, although I will share my thoughts on that more during our session. 


During this workshop: 

  • Identify the top highlights of your year

  • Practice self-compassion

  • Develop gratitude for all the good things that you want more of


You will leave this workshop:

  • Feeling loved and hopeful

  • With a Gratitude gift, personalized for YOU

  • A Journal to document your gratitude and begin developing your Life Vision intentions. 


Ever noticed that most people do not achieve their goals for the year? In fact, they are typically thrown out the window by the end of January.  In this workshop, we will not just learn about my two favorite tools, but you will leave here with your intention achievement tools in hand! 


I will share that one of the tools is “the vision board.” But in my experience, this board is not enough. So I will be sharing my secret tool that I have been practicing for the last 15 years which has helped me with my relationships, my personal development, my business, my finances and my health. 


And yes, you will leave here with your personal vision board AND the “special tool” that will help your subconscious achieve your intentions so that you don’t have another year where you struggle to find all the wonderful accomplishments!  


During this workshop: 

  • Craft your personalized vision board based on your LifeVision workshop/intentions

  • Finalize your LifeVision to insure it is crafted for ultimate success

  • Develop a tool to support your LifeVision intentions


You will leave this workshop:

  • Feeling empowered

  • Take home your LifeVision personalized vision board

  • A surprise tool for increased success - bring your phone!!