Key Account Management



Growing the business through Key Account Management

March 26-27 2024

Why this matters

Key accounts can generate 2.4 times more growth than “standard” customers (10 years of analysis at Siemens).  The potential for SMEs is significant, but so are the risks.  Having the right skills, processes and tools in place can make all the difference in a rapidly, radically and irreversibly changing business world..  That’s why you should join this programme...


What it is

We base the content around the concept of a gyroscope – both dynamic and stable .

  • Growing customers in a changing world – 5 drivers of change and why we need to change at least as fast as our world is changing
  • Why KAM matters – the risks and the opportunities for revenue, profitability and value.
  • Be customer-centric
  • Strategies – Setting goals for growth and options for achieving the goals
  • Structures – how we organise ourselves to grow our key customers
  • Tools & processes – from account plans and cross-selling to contact matrices and measurement tools
  • Making it happen – getting the activity levels, concentration of effort and effectiveness right
  • Leadership – how we lead (“responsibility without authority) to keep energising growth.


How it works

A two-day workshop in Galway 26 and 27 March

Briefing session with leaders (remote) to ensure context and relevance

3 coaching sessions after the workshop to apply further into live accounts