BiG* Leaders Summit



BiG* Leaders Summit is the premier training networking occasion in the West of Ireland and the flagship event for Galway Executive Skillnet and Platinum Sponsor Western Management Centre. Sonia O’Sullivan, who is an Olympic Medalist, Trainer, Broadcaster and Author, will be our keynote speaker for the event. Building on the success of previous Summits, the event on Tuesday 13th September 8:30 am to 1:00 pm at The Galmont Hotel promises to be the biggest one yet with great networking opportunities for everyone. Book Now to secure your place for this in-person event. 

BiG* – well that’s Based in Galway. We are Galway Executive Skillnet and we believe that while Galway is recognised as ‘the place to live in Ireland’ we need to ensure that it is ‘the place to work in Ireland’. To achieve this aim, we need strong successful businesses, with strong successful teams, managers and leaders.

If you believe that BiG* contributes to your success – this is the event for you.