BiG* Leaders Summit 2022


The 2022 BiG* Leaders Summit

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BIG* – well that’s Based in Galway. We are Galway Executive Skillnet and we believe that while Galway is recognised as ‘the place to live in Ireland’ we need to ensure that it is ‘the place to work in Ireland’. To achieve this aim we need strong successful businesses, with strong successful teams, managers and leaders.

If you believe that BiG* contributes to your success – this is the event for you. 

Western Management Centre

Platinum Sponsor of BiG* Leaders Summit

Western Management Centre (WMC) has been the leading training provider in the West of Ireland for over 30 years. The Centre’s mission statement today embraces the objectives the Centre had when it was established in 1984. 

Their goal is to provide a professional training service, combined with a commitment to innovation and quality, to learners in the fields of business training and health & safety.   

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