10 March 2020

In response to the COVID-19 virus, the following Policy has been updated.

ICE GROUP’s main priority as an organisation is the health and wellbeing of our students, agency workers, visitors and staff. Please pass this document onto everyone likely to attend any ICE GROUP events or training programmes.

Included in these categories are:

  • ICE – interviews, assessments, inductions, ETB training courses
  • Pitman Training – interviews, training
  • Galway Executive Skillnet – workshops/training days
  • Western Management Centre – training, seminars
  • Any other person who visits our facilities.

In light of the risk posed by COVID-19, ICE GROUP have taken a number of measures.

  • All staff have been advised on actions to take in line with HSE guidance, in terms of hygiene practices and safety measures.
  • Equally, all our event and training & education locations have been checked and are also following HSE protocols.
  • All event locations are displaying the appropriate signage around public areas plus have hand sanitisers available in/outside all the meeting rooms, at reception/lobbies/public areas etc.

All event rooms/public locations have a policy to wipe all keyboards, desk, door handles, etc. with antibacterial wipes on a regular daily schedule.

We have assessed our own programme of events and we can confirm at this time that we anticipate no disruption to our schedule given the current parameters. If this changes for any reason, we will be sure to notify you promptly.

We must also consider what may need to happen if an attendee should test positive for the virus. In such a situation, the health authorities would need to be able to trace close contacts – In order to do so, it may be necessary for the ICE GROUP to supply contact details for those who attended.

Finally, we would ask that if you are displaying cold or flu symptoms, or if you have recently travelled from an area of sustained community transmission, you seek the advice of the HSE and confirm that you are not required to self-isolate.

We ask staff, agency workers, students and visitors to use good sense and follow good hygiene protocols in consideration of others.

Felim McDonnell, CEO

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