BiG* BANG Event 2023

Learn | Unlearn | Relearn

Join David Meade and a host of exceptional guests as they meet with Margaret Cox at the BiG* BANG Event 2023 in the Galmont Hotel Galway on December 12th.

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The BiG* BANG Event 2023

The BiG* BANG Event will take place in the Galmont Hotel, Galway on Tuesday 12th December from 8:00 am.

How Can We Continue to Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn?

Galway Executive Skillnet is delighted to bring you the BiG* Bang Event of 2023 looking at how we can build resilience, innovation, and reinvention.

Our Keynote Speaker will be the amazing David Meade and Margaret Cox hosting throughout.


David Meade

David Meade

World Class Speaker, TV Personality

David Meade is a world-class international corporate speaker, performer, and TV personality with a renowned reputation for helping organisations work more effectively. His mind-reading and mentalist skills impress and baffle worldwide audiences making his entertainment and keynotes hard to forget. His sought-after services are applicable to any industry, engagement, or occasion.

David always guarantees a highly energetic, fun and engaging session so you won’t want to miss this event!

Margaret Cox

Margaret Cox

Author & Business Owner

BIG* – well that’s Based in Galway. We are Galway Executive Skillnet and we believe that while Galway is recognised as ‘the place to live in Ireland’ we need to ensure that it is ‘the place to work in Ireland’. To achieve this aim we need strong successful businesses, with strong successful teams, managers and leaders.

If you believe that BiG* contributes to your success – this is the event for you. 


I think Galway Executive Skillnet is doing a commendable effort opening your courses.

And you are the best of all the Skillnets out there!

Wow! Just Wow! I signed up for the Presenting with Impact course via Galway Executive Skillnet that took place this morning. And I've just opened my inbox to find a 41-page workbook to download. And we have homework! I just can't get over the calibre of the curriculum offered... 

You're running such a valuable resource!

I would (and have) highly recommend the Managing Conflict course to my colleagues.

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