CSA Measuring Your Carbon Footprint- ISO 14064-1



Carbon Quantification and Footprinting course overview

Our CSA certified Carbon quantification and carbon footprinting course is one of our most popular courses and provides expert guidance on the correct methodology for personnel from Governmental bodies, NGOs and business organisations to quantify and manage their greenhouse gas emissions in full compliance with ISO 14064 and best global practice.

The course details the requirements of ISO 14064-1 and how these relate to existing GHG schemes and other key protocols and standards, including ISO 14001. Our course is for attendees who need a foundation course in carbon emissions footprinting (i.e otherwise termed carbon quantification or measurement)

There is an examination at the end of this course which can be run virtually or in the classroom. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) issues official certificates to the successful candidates at the end of the examination process.


Who should attend this Carbon Quantification and Footprinting course?

  • Those responsible for their businesses organisational GHG emissions
  • Carbon and environmental consultants
  • GHG verifiers
  • Those working in regulatory authorities
  • Supply chain Managers
  • ESG Leaders

Attendees at this course will learn the essentials of GHG management and carbon performance. This course will provide the attendee with an excellent knowledge and understanding of ISO 14064-1 to facilitate quantification and management of your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Key Benefits for Employer :

  • Corporate Compliance
  • Stakeholder assurance
  • Good PR

Key Benefits for Employee of this Carbon Quantification and Footprinting course include:

  • Obtaining knowledge and understanding of ISO 14064-1
  • Exploring the purpose of your GHG inventory
  • Developing your GHG inventory process
  • Quantifying and managing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Identifying specific company actions aimed at improving GHG performance.
  • Identifying emission “Hot Spots” in your supply chain

Benefits of ISO 14064 Training:

  • Achieving ISO 14064 training and certification is the optimum way to demonstrate your competence in GHG systems – both mandatory and voluntary schemes (EU ETS, UN CDM, UK MCP, and all other international schemes
  • Internationally recognized CSA / ISO certificate signed by the President of CSA
  • Gain an important competitive edge in the expanding carbon emissions industry
  • Add to your professional development
  • Benefit from the practical work based on real life GHG case studies, taught by experienced experts and certified by CSA
  • Become the recognised expert in your own workplace for GHG quantifications, Emission reduction projects and GHG Validation and/or Verification
  • Enable employers to be recognised for their proactive approach to sustainability and emissions management
  • Be part of a global expert community