Customer Excellence – How to Create 100% Loyalty



In an increasingly competitive marketplace where the consumer has more choice than ever, the service provider has to find ways to differentiate their business from their competitors. Great service is vital for all businesses as it impacts directly on the sales and profitability of the business.


Course Objective

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the necessary skills and attitudes necessary to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This workshop has been adapted in line with new Covid-19 protocols.


Course Content

  • Auditing your business; the importance of Customer Service measurement.
  • The difference between good and bad service and the impact it has.
  • Covid, protocols and customer service
  • Communication; verbal, vocal and non-verbal.
  • Turning a positive into a negative with customer complaints.



This course is delivered by Melissa Moore, The Retail Advisor

Melissa empowers retailers and makers to reach their potential through sales growth, process implementation, and excellence in customer experience. Having worked in the retail industry for over 20 years with Irish and international brands, her clients benefit from her knowledge, experience, and hands-on practical approach to provide solutions and initiate change.