MS Word


To provide delegate with the intermediate concepts to edit and enhance standard business documents.

1 day, 09:30 AM - 04:30 PM


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Fri 10-Nov-2023
09:30 - 16:30
1 day
    • €95.00 incl. 0% - tax exempt



    To provide delegate with the intermediate concepts to edit and enhance standard business documents.



    A working knowledge of the Microsoft Word basic features is assumed, gained from the workplace or by prior attendance on an IT course.



    • The autocorrect list.
    • To use autocorrect and delete an autocorrect entry.

    Autotext entries:

    • Add autotext to the quick access toolbar.
    • Create a new autotext entry.
    • Redefining an autotext entry.
    • To use an autotext entry.


    • Quick Styles and the Quick Styles Gallery.
    • Create a New Style, Modifying a Style.
    • Removing a style from the quick styles gallery.
    • The styles task pane.
    • Create a new style using the styles pane.


    • Inserting clip art.
    • The format tab.
    • To insert pictures from file.
    • Creating drawing shapes.
    • Smartart, Text boxes and Wordart. 

    Headers and footers:

    • Creating a header/footer on every page.
    • Save a header or footer into the gallery.
    • Display the header or footer on the first page.
    • Different headers or footers for odd and even pages.
    • Working with headers and footers in multiple sections.


    • Creating newspaper/snaking columns.
    • Changing column widths.

    Creating a table:

    • Inserting a table using draw table.
    • Inserting a quick table.
    • Formatting tables.
    • Column widths and row heights.
    • Merging/splitting cells.
    • Perform Table Calculations.
    • Converting Tables to Text/Text to Tables.

    Creating hyperlinks:

    • To insert a hyperlink to another file or web page or e-mail.
    • To create a hyperlink to a place within a document. 

    Advanced Paragraph Formats: 

    • Multilevel List Numbering.
    • Adjust Spaces between Lines or Paragraphs, Controlling Page Breaks.

     Document References:

    • Bookmarks and Referencing to a Bookmark.
    • Captioning, Creating a Table of Figures.
    • Indexes and Tables of Contents.
    • Footnotes and Endnotes. 

    Creating Forms:

    • Displaying the Developer Tab.
    • Adding Content Controls and Legacy Tools.
    • Protecting a Form and Saving as a Template.

    Mail Merge Features:

    • Creating a mail merge letter and labels.
    • Mail Merge from Outlook Contacts.
    • Merge letters from other data sources.
    • Using Word Fields.