Cyber Security Awareness Training Workshop



Cyber Security Awareness Training Workshop


Security Awareness Training is one of the most important investments you can make for the future security of your organisation. This training is a necessary Requirement for GDPR Compliance. It is best practice (and part of legislation under GDPR) to conduct Security Awareness Training for all staff. This is the number one way to reduce your people-related risk of a cyber-attack.  It involves educating your team about:


  • The risks and vulnerabilities facing their business environment
  • The tools they can use to minimise these risks and vulnerabilities
  • The mechanisms a company puts in place to ensure their knowledge is kept current


Course Description


This workshop is designed to equip your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to identify visible security risks and be aware of other potential threats. After successfully completing this workshop staff will understand key security risks and controls facing businesses today including:


  • Information Security - Consequences of a data breach, information formats / types, information classification, how to maintain confidentiality, integrity, & availability
  • Access Control - Securing information by limiting access to only those who need it.
  • Cybercrime - Types of malware and the techniques and tricks employed by hackers.
  • E-mail Security - How to identify a phishing e-mail by examining common red flags. Best e-mail practices to keep a clean, spam-free inbox.
  • Password Hygiene & Security- How to ensure your passwords are more secure and techniques to use for strong passwords.
  • Portable Device Security- Risks associated with device usage and how to be more secure on mobile phones, tablets etc
  • GDPR - Overview of the roles, terminology, and key regulations enforced by the GDPR.
  • Clean Desk Policy - Types of documents that can be left on a desk or in public areas, where to store confidential documents, how to dispose of them, how to lock your PC




All participants will receive a certificate after course completion.


Supportive materials:


Post training support material is provided including posters, videos, related articles, and best practices.