Diversity & Inclusion for Managers & Leaders


3 hours, 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM


  • €90.00 incl.



Course Overview

It is not always obvious when someone is different, disabilities can take many hidden forms. LGBTQIA people are not always ‘out’ and someone can be shaped by their ethnicity. The HR Suite have designed this course to educate employees on how to create inclusive workplaces, where simple changes to behaviour and attitude can ensure all employees feel included. This course is designed to provide learners with an understanding of what is meant by diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Recognise what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. It is intended to increase the learner’s knowledge on how to be more inclusive regardless of an employee’s beliefs, opinions or backgrounds.

Learning Experience

Delivery is virtual on a platform of your choice. Interactive learning experience; encouraging collaboration to drive new innovative ideas. The facilitator will reference typical case studies throughout the training, to enable learners to gain a ‘real life’ insight into how to deal with different scenarios in the workplace

Learning Outcomes

• Implement measurable diversity and inclusion metrics to drive change and improvement.

• Have a greater understanding of the meaning of diversity and inclusion

• Gain knowledge of legislation surrounding equality within the workplace

• Consider the importance of dignity and respect in the workplace and advance strategies to implement the policy

• Promote equality and manage diversity effectively by truly recognizing differences with positivity

• Gain an overall greater understanding of how unconscious bias can influence thinking

• Discuss how business can foster neurodiversity from Recruitment through to on boarding

• Recognise importance of Accessibility in the workplace

• Implement measurable diversity and inclusion metrics to drive change and improvement.

Course Content

Diversity & Inclusion

• What does Diversity & Inclusion mean

• Diversity efforts worldwide

Employment Equality in Ireland

• Employment Equality in Ireland

• Types of Discrimination

• What is dignity & respect at work?

• How can you incorporate dignity and respect better into your workplace?

Unconscious Bias

• Case Law

• What is unconscious bias?

• Attitudes

• Stereotypes

• Prejudice

• Unconscious Bias summary

• What its important

• How can be reduce it? Workplace Culture & Teamwork

• Utilisation of Company Policies & your options

• Negative Workplace Culture

• The power of one – what can I do now to make a difference

• Dos and Don’ts

Management Responsibilities

• Legislation framework

• Creating inclusive work environments

• Supporting Diversity, Neurodiversity and Gender Identity

• Fostering Neurodiversity in Recruitment

• Driving Dignity and Respect Policies

• Measuring Diversity and Inclusion