Excel Intermediate

For users who have either completed the Beginners’ course or who have gained sufficient experience to be familiar with the Beginners’ topics.

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6 November 2019

1 day

ICE Group - Centrepoint

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  • Revision of Quick Access Toolbar/use of recent files/saving as PDF
  • Be comfortable with the options on the Beginners’ course – revision of this if required
  • Revision of use of absolute and fixed cells references
  • Be able to insert and delete rows and columns
  • Be able to centre across columns.
  • Be able to create a chart in a number of different formats
  • Be able to use the protection facility on a sheet and workbook.
  • Insert, rename, move, copy sheets within and between spreadsheets.
  • Be able to link sheets, so that changes in one are automatically updated in another
  • Can set up a list, do a simple and more complex sorting (including multiple levels, by colour and by icon)
  • Can apply and use filters.
  • Copy and paste filtered records
  • Use basic If function.
  • Introduction to Conditional Formatting
  • Can set the Print Area and use all the options from the Print menu.
  • Introduction to VLookup function
  • Introduction to Pivot tables
  • Time permitting: Introduction to Countif/Sumif/countifs/sumifs


1 day