Supporting Menopausal Colleagues – By Loretta Dignam


Menopause - Let's eradicate the taboo, talk, understand, and learn how to support menopausal women


Loretta Dignam is Founder & CEO of The Menopause Hub, Ireland's first and only dedicated multidisciplinary menopause clinic in December 2018. 

She has had a lengthy and highly successful career working for many multinational, global businesses including; Mars Inc, Diageo plc, Kerry Group plc Ardagh Group and Jacob Fruitfield, as a senior marketing and communications leader. She was awarded Marketer of the Year in 2011. 

The Menopause Hub is Ireland’s first dedicated, multidisciplinary clinic, which includes a team of doctors - GPs and Gynaecologists, - a psychologist, a dietitian and nutritionist, a women’s health physiotherapist and an acupuncturist

Menopause affects 50% of the world's population and may impact the other 50% and yet it has been a taboo topic for far too long.

Slowly we are starting to open up about menopause. The average age of perimenopause is 45 and menopause is 50, so it is not something that is an older woman's issue. And there are over 40 symptoms of menopause.

So JOIN US on Monday December 12th and hear from Loretta Dignam, Founder & CEO of the Menopause Hub why menopause matters in the workplace and how to support menopausal colleagues.