TIME TO RECHARGE – by Tony Og Regan


Galway Executive Skillnet is partnering with Tony Og Regan for a month of HIGH PEFORMING HABITS (4-week program) Monday, Thursday & Friday - 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM Regular Course Fees: EUR 200 per trainee GES Subsidised Fees: EUR 140 per trainee


4-week High Performing habits program:

Why: Feel greater clarity, calmness and achieve greater productivity

When: Starting Monday 9th January

Where: Online Zoom sessions Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 6.30-7.30am (Sessions recorded to watch back)

What: Combining physical movement, mental skills in the moment training, and high performing practices to optimise health, wellbeing, and performance.

Additional - 1 hour Masterclass session on Values identification and how we feed and grow our values to increase our life fulfilment.

Sharing of each session recording, articles and videos on health, wellbeing and high performance, and meditation/visualisation audios.

Join our supportive community for connection, accountability, and friendship.

What the sessions entail:

Monday and Friday sessions consist of 30-40 minutes of breathwork, physical movement to challenge our reactions under pressure and train new responses. The last 20 minutes we do meditation to train emotional stability and awareness, visualization to prime our mind for success and journaling to focus our attention on tasks at hand.

Thursday is a mind/body rebalancing yoga session with meditation and journaling with our fantastic teacher Joanna.

We will do a 1 hour masterclass on Values identification and how we feed them for greater life fulfilment and meaning.

What’s required:

You will need training gear, kettlebell, or dumbbell if you have it, notebook and biro and an open mind!