The world isn't lacking knowledge and technical expertise, it's lacking the imagination for what to do with it.
This session will help the business leaders to achieve exponential outcomes by disrupting their autopilot thinking across the organisation, in order to develop new ideas and fresh approaches to tackle problems and maximise opportunities.

This will be a fun, fast-paced workshop with lots of interaction and focus on application and commitment to action, celebrating no-regrets moves. We will leave with a handful of techniques and thinking frameworks that we can all apply immediately to challenge our thinking.

If our brain is automatically feeding us an option to work with in any given moment (based largely on how it was done previously), deliberately pausing to consider just one other potential option, is 100% more options. Our decisions can only be more confident if we create the rigour of choice which new ideas give us.
During this 90-minute session we will cover:

  • The TWO thinking modes needed for creativity as a critical skill at work
  • Autopilot thinking - why we are hardwired for efficiency and what we need to force new ideas and approaches
  • More options = better decisions. Disruptive thinking techniques to help generate more new options
  • Relaxed with singular focus' and 'Deliberate thinking time' - how to harness both more
  • Other Worlds! How do we steal with pride from others who have tackled this before
  • How to facilitate creativity and innovation in your teams, in person and virtually