Make Hybrid Work



Make Hybrid Work
Using story to support a seamless transition to the new world of work


Many businesses are now moving to some form of hybrid work as employees look for more flexibility. Clear and consistent communication across your organisation will be key to successfully adapting to this new way of work. This takes planning and intention: the message to send everyone home as the pandemic broke out was quite simple, the message to bring people back on a hybrid basis is much more complex

How do we, as leaders, get buy-in for the hybrid model we’ve chosen and remind people of the value of in-person work? Blending storytelling and the latest research on hybrid work, this masterclass will help leaders to understand how to make a compelling case for the return to office whilst offering practical guidance on rolling the message out to your organisation.

Who is this for?

Business owners and leaders who are working to make their organisation’s transition to hybrid as seamless as possible. 

Our three-step approach:

  • Discovery: understanding what your people fear and value about in-person work
  • Development: using storytelling to craft a value proposition for the move to hybrid
  • Delivery: localising the message and ensuring consistency for maximum impact


  • Leadership unified around a consistent narrative
  • Employees understand “the why” of your chosen hybrid model 
  • Smoother transition to hybrid for both leadership and employees

About your Speaker:

Natasha Fennell, originally from Galway, is one of Ireland’s leading communication and storytelling experts. People leave her speaking engagements with a newfound perspective and confidence in themselves, and the skills to achieve their optimum. She shares her highly relevant content, and her expertise in the future of work, leadership and women at work with practicality, empathy, and a good dose of humour.

Natasha currently works across sectors from broadcasting (RTÉ, Virgin Media) through to insurance and pharma industries. Before setting up Stillwater, Natasha worked in broadcasting, politics and public relations. She co-wrote the bestseller, The Daughterhood, with journalist Róisín Ingle.