Solution Selling – Advanced Selling Techniques



This programme is designed to significantly improve participants ability to sell to their target market. Through active participation in the group discussions and exercises and challenges by the facilitator, participants develop both the skills and confidence required to fulfil the sales role effectively.  

The highly interactive workshops are designed to promote improved focus and engagement by the sales executive; helping them refresh their approach to their relationship with their clients and in how they look to sell. 

Course Duration

Classroom: 4 days

Online: Intro + 9 sessions online

Course Objectives

By the end of the Solution Selling programme, participants will: 

  • Understand the migration by customers globally from products and services to Solutions: “It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it.” 
  • Recognise the challenges that solution selling presents and how to address them.
  • Become more aware of the impact of personal perceptions and beliefs on the outcome as opposed to the situation you find yourself in.
  • Appreciate the fact that: “You cannot, not communicate.” How to manage your constant communication to your best advantage. 

Course Content

During this 4-day programme participants will:: 

  • Define a clear roadmap outlining how to dramatically improve their selling capabilities. The improvements will enable participants to: 
  • Be clearer on  what their customers value most from – and how to provide it 
  • Practice the three key disciplines that will make for a high performing Challenger salesperson 
  • Teach  
  • Tailor  
  • Take Control 
  • Be clear on how to get their organization to align its support to you and your customers’ requirements 
  • They will also undertake a DISC assessment of their personality type, to enable them to tap into underutilised potential 



This programme is delivered by LEAP Leadership

Established in 2000, LEAP Leadership are based in Galway and serve clients nationwide. They design and deliver leadership development programmes for business owners and team leaders, and management development programmes for new managers.