Sales 101 – Foundation Selling Skills


2 weeks, 09:30 AM - 04:30 PM


Session information


Sales 101 - Session 1
09:30 - 16:30
1 day
    Tue 21-Jun-2022
    Sales 101 - Session 2
    09:30 - 16:30
    1 day
      Tue Tue 28-Jun-2022
      • €175.00 incl.


      This programme is designed to provide attendees with the basics and fundamentals of Sales. It will provide a foundation on which attendees can build a sales career. It will provide the tools and techniques required of successful sales professionals.

      Course Duration

      Classroom: 2 days

      Online: 2 days or 4 half days

      Course Objectives

      • To provide attendees with the skills, and knowledge to become successful sales professionals
      • To provide attendees with the confidence to become successful sales professionals
      • To help attendees identify the characteristics of successful sales professionals
      • To help attendees understand buyer motivation (why clients buy)

      Course Content

      The Attributes of successful sales professionals

      • What are the qualities and characteristics of successful sales professionals?
      • What strengths do you have already?


      The selling mentality – thinking and acting like a sales professional

      • How to think and act like a sales professional

      The importance of planning and preparation

      • Knowing your numbers
      • Managing your time
      • Prioritising your activities
      • Recognising the value of each client

      How to reach buyers

      • Creating an account entry strategy – what it will look like
      • Getting past gatekeepers
      • How to identify the buyer – Are you speaking to the right person?

      How to present your product, service or offering

      • What to say and how to say it
      • The importance of active listening
      • Asking the right questions
      • Building rapport and increasing your influence
      • Understanding buyer motivation – the 5 influencing factors

      How to handle objections

      • How to avoid getting objections
      • How to identify if the objection is a valid objection
      • Typical objections and how to overcome them

      How to close the sale

      • Recognising buying signals
      • Negotiations 101 – fundamentals
      • 5 x techniques for closing the sale
      • How to close the sale without being pushy


      This course will be delivered by Eric Fitzpatrick - ARK Speaking & Training

      Eric is a Sales Presentations Trainer, Executive Speaking Coach and Conference Speaker. He has spoken, coached and trained in the USA, the UK and throughout Ireland and for the last few years has been recognised as one of the leading speakers in Britain and Ireland. He has contributed to radio programmes (RTE Radio 1, 98fm) on the subject of Public Speaking and using humour as a tool for business and has written articles for numerous magazines on the subject of delivering great speeches and presentations. He is a member of the Sales Institute of Ireland, the Professional Speakers Association and the Irish Institute of Training and Development.