Strategy & Innovation – How to Adapt to Survive & Thrive



Unleash the innovation leader you can be and drive the right strategies to stay ahead in a fast-changing market. This programme is designed to ensure strategic innovation becomes an integral part of your leadership style.

Course Duration

Classroom: 3 days

Online: 6 half days

Course Objectives

Benefit to SME Leader participant – What you will learn:

  • Improves motivation and vision for future growth and expansions of SME business
  • Improved knowledge of the concept of business innovation
  • Ability to identify opportunities for innovation across all aspects of their business
  • Ability communicate innovation opportunities and encourage same from their team
  • Creation of systems to encourage innovation across the Business
  • Creates an environment where innovation becomes part of the company culture seeking opportunities to improve innovate and streamline at every turn
  • Having an overall benefit and impact on the organization's process for introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services or products
  • Making conscious strategic and innovative improvements to grow and scale their businesses


Impact on participant competence:

  • Recognises the opportunities for innovation across all aspects of the business
  • Identifies the strategic benefit to the organization of the change
  • Can accurately assess the value of creative ideas and innovations in the business
  • Can manage a creative process along with the team and bring ideas to life bringing additional value to the Team, business & customer base


Course Content

  • Introduction of the concept of innovation, its academic models and how it is relevant to all aspects of Business
  • Introduction to the formula for change and understanding the impact resistance to change has on the growth of the business
  • An awareness that innovation is happening within Irish business just not always in a conscious way
  • Introduction to the concept of business innovation through people
  • Follow 7 steps to innovation
  • Ensure processes and events to capture ideas
  • Create a supportive atmosphere in which people feel free to express their ideas
  • Encourage risk taking and experimentation
  • Promote openness between individuals and teams
  • People at all levels of the business share responsibility for innovation, so everybody feels involved in taking the business forward
  • Reward innovation and celebrate success
  • Look for imagination and creativity when recruiting new team members
  • Each participant will engage with their team to identify potential business innovations across their workflows, methodologies, services, or products. They will understand that innovation should equal value creation in their business. Each participant will be able to demonstrate through their worksheets the steps they have taken towards innovation within their business.









The programme will be delivered by Business Works

BusinessWorksis a global leader in the provision of training and executive coaching services to the SME market delivering award-winning curriculum to SMEs. Business Worksexiststo optimise business performance, bringing strategy and culture together so that organisationdeliver on bottom line profits, growth, retention and overall performance. A key focus is delivering success through building leadership skills and competency and empowering the leaders to build a strong culture of positive accountability.