Accelerated Leadership Strategies to Increase Growth & Profitability



This course gives people in leadership roles the opportunity to look at what leadership means for them and their organisation and to target specific behaviours that they want to bring to their role. The course will challenge participants within a supportive structure to identify how they can bring effective leadership into their organisation and make an impact. The course targets key advanced leadership topics that are relevant to today’s  leaders and provides practical tools and steps to support participants in these areas including:

  • The leadership mindset
  • Leadership behaviours in actioncommunicating as a leader
  • Leader vs Manager or Operator
  • Driving Engagement and motivation
  • Creating an environment of psychological safety
  • Leading Change –initiating change and implementing change
  • Leading in a Hybrid world
  • Delivering Results -Aligning the work of people with the organisational strategy

Course Objectives

The programme will enable participants to

  • Appreciate their own leadership approach, in the context of leadership best practice and be aware of the strengths they bring to their roles
  • Identify key gaps in terms of leadership competencies (knowledge, behaviours, skills) and embark on a development path for reducing and closing these gaps
  • Align their leadership with the strategy of their organisation and align their people and their work to that strategy.
  • Create an environment for people and productivity to prosper


Course Content

  • Module 1-Leadership: Behaviours & Mindset
    • Define what leadership means to you
    • What great leadership looks and sounds like
    • The leadership mindset
    • Recognising when in Leader mode versus Manager or Operator mode
  • Module 2 -Leading People: Building Teams, Engagement & Motivation
    • The role of the leader in an effective team
    • Drivers of performance
    • Increasing engagement and understanding motivation
    • Psychological safety in teams
  • Module 3-Leading Change
    • The current drivers of change for participants
    • The strategic role -Initiating and leading change and innovation
    • The impact of change on people and how to lead people through change
    • Leading in a Hybrid world
  • Module 4 -Leadership Communication
    • Your communication style and its impact
    • Delivering feedback
    • Performance & Development conversations
    • Delivering Results -Connecting the work of people with the organisational strategy



This programme is delivered by Colm Finnegan - Performance Solutions

Colm is a highly skilled and dynamic Facilitator, Business Trainer and Coach with over 25 years of experience in this field. Since forming Performance Solutions in 2005, Colm has worked with a range of organisations in the public and private sector, from multinationals to SME’s, coaching and facilitating managers at all levels individually and in groups.