Emerging Leadership – Developing Talent to Drive Business Success



The aim of this programme is to equip emerging leaders with the means to understand the opportunities & challenges of leading & managing SMEs so that they can lead their business in a visionary & powerful way to guarantee future growth, sustainability & success.


Course Duration

Classroom: 6 days

Online: 6 days


Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:


In terms of understanding the concept of leadership:

  • Evaluate the concepts of leadership and management, different leadership and management styles and the principal theories that underpin these, to include leadership in different contexts and environments such as mentoring, coaching, project management, the learning organisation and the debate over leadership versus management
  • Identify one’s own strengths & areas for growth as a basis for leading teams & understanding team members’ perspectives & attitudes to performance


In terms of leading people:

  • Research the elements and stages of team development, to include different kinds of teams, a multi-team environment, the characteristics of an effective team and the need for different roles for individuals
  • Evaluate a range of current motivation theories and practical strategies to enhance motivation in teams
  • Demonstrate team leadership, to include team building, supporting team members at different stages of team development, motivation strategies, interpersonal communications, time and meeting management and use of inter- and intra-team reporting structures
  • Understand the role of inspiration in influencing team members to perform to their optimum while being mindful of self-care and mental well-being


In terms of preparing for and planning work briefs:

  • Participate in organisational planning and in teamwork planning, to include setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) objectives, ongoing monitoring of progress, and evaluation
  • Distinguish between organisational strategy, objectives and goal
  • Negotiate a plan or project with team members, to include effective delegation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Lead progress on a work plan, to include taking corrective action to ensure successful completion of the plan, ongoing monitoring of progress, and evaluation
  • Use of business analysis tools to examine environment for business growth & barriers that need to be overcome in a strategic way


Course Content

  • Module 1: Laying the Foundations
    • Purpose, Expectations, Guest Speaker, Group & Personal Audit Activity, Prioritisation
  • Module 2: Concepts of Leadership & Leadership Styles & Skills
    • Leadership & Management, Leadership Theories, Styles & skills, Concept of Learning Organisation, Leadership in Contemporary Context
  • Module 3: Understanding People, Leading Teams
    • Groups & Teams, Team Norms, Effective Teams, Team Types, Adapting, Motivation Theories
  • Module 4: Communication, Inspiration & Influence
    • Communication Theory, Communicating as a Leader, Effective Meetings, Problem-solving & Conflict resolution, Preparing a Communication Plan, Leader as Coach, Self-care & Building One’s Resilience
  • Module 5: Business & Project Planning
    • Defining Strategy, Planning & Organising, Terminology, SMART Objectives, Project Management, Measuring Progress, Managing Change, Contingency Planning & Risk Management, Delegation, PEST Analysis, Business Development Networking
  • Module 6: Bringing it all together
    • Key Learning Points – general & specific, Action Planning (Group/Individual), Evaluation



This course is delivered by Western Management Centre