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Easy, lovely sales...

We have some good news…

As we all know, selling is never easy at the best of times.  And now is not the best of times!  It’s harder than ever to get in front of customers.  They have more reasons not to buy than ever before.  Our competitors are desperate, so try to undercut us.  It is all-too-easy for them to say “I won’t do anything now – give me a ring in three months”.

And that’s where the good news comes in…

We’ve agreed with the UK’s Sales Trainer of the Year Andy Bounds, to deliver a high-impact webinar for us on December 6th at 11am, to transform your skills and confidence to sell more. 

(Some other brief credentials – he’s written three international best-selling books on sales, has helped his clients win £25billion of new sales after working with him; and most interestingly (to us anyway), his mother is blind.  This has given him a lifetime’s experience of seeing communication from the other person’s point of view.  A skill we must all master, for us to sell more).


We’ve chosen him for two reasons. Firstly, he’s great at what he does.  Secondly, and more importantly, he teaches sales in such a way that it is easy to use his techniques immediately!


During his webinar with us, he will teach you new, better ways to:

  • Get more sales meetings – simple ways to get in front of more decision makers, to give you the opportunity to sell in your products and services to them
  • Remove objections – when customers give you their reasons for not buying, how to confidently and persuasively remove them… so they do buy!
  • Influencing skills – persuade more customers to buy more from you, more often
  • Questioning skills – the best questions to ask in today’s hybrid world – and how to drive the conversation towards customers wanting your product
  • Building relationships – the two steps to building high-value relationships quickly – and how to master both
  • Building confidence – how to help you and your team find it easier than ever to win more sales


As you’d expect, with an event like this, we’re going to sell out fast! And the only fair way to allocate places is by first-come-first-served.

Therefore, to book places for you and your colleagues, simply click on the link below, enter your details, and your place is confirmed. 

Click HERE to book your place today!