A webinar with Andy Bounds 

As we all know, business isn’t always easy at the best of times.  

And now is not the best of times!  Everyone we want to see is busy.  They don’t always get back to us quickly… or, at all.  Everything just seems to take longer – and be more difficult – than it should be.

And that’s where the good news comes in…

We have agreed that we will work with the UK’s leading communication expert Andy Bounds again, to give us new skills and confidence to communicate with more impact.  His two previous webinars with ICE were two of our most popular ever. He’s really good at giving simple techniques we can use immediately. 

During our training, he will teach us things like: 

  • Instant engagement – how to ensure people immediately buy into our communication – whatever channel we use
  • Trigger action – guarantee that our communications trigger the action we want other people to do
  • Short and simple – create communications that are shorter, simpler and more effective
  • Be more interesting – will learn new ways to be even more interesting when we communicate with others
  • Easy action planning – he’ll also show us how to incorporate his techniques into our day jobs.  So they’ll make an instant, dramatic and lasting improvement how we do things

 We are really excited we’ll be spending time with him again.  It’ll make a big difference to all of us – and to those we communicate with.

 Pre-work – very easy and very important 

Andy will teach you communication best-practices, and then give you time to review your own comms – to see how near/far you are from these new best-practices. 

Therefore, before the session: please open-up on your computer 5-10 of your recent communications.  Bring a variety – a few emails, agendas, meeting invitations, memos, reports, slide-sets etc.

If you have any questions for him – or would like him to cover any particular hot topics – please contact Andy on andy@andybounds.com.

See you there!

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