SMÁCHT: Winning Business Strategies in the Post-COVID World



In 2010 a movement called SMÁCHT was born in response to the events of the economic recession. It focused on providing mindsets, systems and peer support to three hundred people. 280 of those participants not just survived the recession. They thrived through it.

In response to Covid-19, Pádraic Ó Máille, founder of SMÁCHT, has recreated a new version of that programme that will help you to create a new purpose, a new plan and a new power for your business, career and life.


  • Do What You Can, With What You Have, Right Where You Are
  • Conduct a Basic Business and Personality Analysis
  • Decide Exactly What You Want and Who You Want To Be
  • Figure Out What Your Boomerang is
  • Organise for Success
  • Develop the Lifelong Discipline of Paying Yourself First
  • Five Strategies to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Get the Right People on Your Bus and the Wrong People Off it
  • Market Yourself; Your Business; and Your Products Effectively
  • Sell Yourself; Your Business; Your Products Effectively 
  • Eliminate Clutter From Every Area of Your Business and Life


Group sessions take place online each week for one hour. Groups are no larger than 9 with one skilled facilitator. Each session has a theme and the group shares learnings and suggestions on how they’ve managed and handled the assignments. There is great peer-caring; peer-challenging; and peer-networking. Pádraic Ó Máille will facilitate each of the sessions and will meet people online after each session to coach them on specific issues of interest to them.


We are currently partnering with SMÁCHT to commence a programme in October. Email info@galwayexecutiveskillnet.com for more information or to register your interest in this programme.