How to Pivot Your Business



Covid-19 is a reality of life today and is likely to be with us for some time - in business adjusting to the many challenges that arise can be a struggle. Not least of these is how to position your business in the best possible way to gain as much traction (and revenue) as possible.

This 90-minute workshop supports businesses to considering where their best prospects lie for their organisation, what new product development or “pivot” might be worthwhile considering and what sales and marketing strategies to take now to help your business for the short and medium-term.

While designed for hospitality and tourism businesses, the learnings in these sessions are applicable across industry and are especially relevant for the service sector.


  • Best prospect customers for the tourism and hospitality sector
  • What the consumer is looking for and how to deliver it
  • Repurposing your real estate; The eternal “Pivot” – potential new revenue streams to consider in the short to medium term


Delivered by: Helen O Leary - Consultant