Negotiation Skills



This programme aims to help participants deal effectively with real-life situations they find themselves in where they need to be able to negotiate with, and influence, others. Participants will:

  • Identify their preferred interpersonal style and understand the impact of that style.
  • Have a strong understanding of how different people respond to different approaches.
  • Understand Push and Pull approaches to influencing and negotiating.
  • Learn the techniques to adapt to be more effective when influencing and negotiating in different situations.
  • Develop the flexibility to adapt your approach to be more effective in different situations.

Approach and Options

The approach to developing and applying these skills follows best practice in adult learning. Our proposed approach is to develop the core skills in a group session and apply them in practice. Participants also have the option to raise their self-awareness further through a pre-workshop diagnostic and an option to really embed the skills and behaviours through focused 1-2-1 coaching that will support their success in applying in their role. Relevant content input is provided through self-directed methods. The workshop will use an approach of learning by doing. Participants will experience applying the range of skills to relevant scenarios and using facilitated debrief to extract and enhance their learning. In the current Covid19 environment, our workshops are facilitated remotely and follow best practice for remote facilitation with short inputs and opportunities to try out and apply learning in smaller groups. In line with best practice, our recommendation is for two x ½ day workshops rather than one full day as the shorter sharper focus helps the participants to take in apply and retain the skills more effectively. They also have an opportunity to try out what they learned before the 2nd session, even where it is on consecutive days.

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Workshop 1

  • Barriers to effective negotiating and influencing
  • Your personal style and how it impacts your approach
  • Adapting your style to enhance your effectiveness
  • Negotiation Exercise

Workshop 2

  • Principled Negotiation
  • Managing Your Communication behaviours
  • Techniques and their application
  • Scenario-based practice
  • Personal preparation planning

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