Instagram for Business


3 hours, 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM


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Instagram for Business Thu 03-Dec-2020
10:00 - 13:00
3 hours
    • €95.00 incl. 0% - tax exempt



    This course will bring you up to speed in using Instagram in a business environment.

    User Level

    Beginners - Intermediate (Has a personal/business profile on Facebook/Instagram)




    This training will help you to develop highly valuable practical skills and a clear understanding of the marketing opportunities from using Instagram for business. Instagram is now the second most popular social media network in the UK and Ireland. Its use has sky-rocketed with over 40% of Irish adults now using it and 90% of accounts following businesses and brands. Used effectively, Instagram can enable brands to show an important human and social side to the business, its products and people.


    Course Outline


    • Instagram fundamentals for your business account
    • Posting to Instagram
    • Hashtags and etiquette
    • Engaging with others
    • Sharing other content/Reposting
    • Introduction to Stories
    • Tips on your Instagram bio, content and engagement
    • Instagram Advertising
    • Instagram Insights, Metrics and Measurement
    • Overview of Marketing Opportunities


    Duration 2 hours


    Delivered by Connect Me Marketing & Training (Goldenegg Productions)