Business/Report Writing


3 hours, 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM


  • €95.00 incl. 0% - tax exempt


During this three hour session, you will be introduced to a number of ideas and practical skills to help you present clear, good quality written documentation. Participants work on their own written material throughout the workshop, improving their personal skills by using their everyday workplace documents.


This virtual report writing training delivers the same outcomes as traditional classroom-based learning. Hosted on zoom, learners will be brought through the key aspects of effective business writing:

  1. Planning
  2. Creating Your Masterpiece
  3. Delivering Your Unique Product


Planning your writing (1 hour)

This first section encourages participants to understand how much time they give to planning, drafting and editing their documents. The session shows them how to create a writing plan that ensures their report writing is faster and more efficient.

  • How To Plan your document
  • Participants create a personalised Writing Plan for their own individual future use


Drafting, editing and presenting your writing (2 hours)

This section concentrates on writing skills to ensure that correct grammar is used, along with clear and concise language and logic. Participants are introduced to the most up to date Plain English Campaign rules on best practice in writing as they learn how to:

  • Overcome the 3 common flaws in business writing:
    1. Grammar Gaffs
    2. Crazy Words
    3. Daft Logic


  • Participants learn to create a coherent ‘Structure & Format’ template for effective business writing that can be standardised across the organisation.
  • Participants use the Tree Diagram technique to create clear structure.
  • They learn templates that make their writing attractive and easy to read with a tone that is applicable to their audience.
  • Work is carried out on organisational examples.