Storytelling for Influential Leadership – Demo


1 hour, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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Storytelling for Influential Leadership - Demo
10:00 - 11:00
1 hour
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    This 60-minute programme demonstration will show you:

    • How stories can help close sales
    • How stories can bridge gaps that stop staff/colleagues buying into new ideas
    • How stories can transform teams
    • Why stories are even more important when colleagues are working remotely
    • How stories can support cultural change within an organisation
    • How stories can bring clarity and understanding to your point of view or message
    • How stories impact the brain more effectively than facts and figures
    • How stories can connect the people of an organisation with the purpose of the organisation

    Delivered by: Eric Fitzpatrick - ARK Speaking and Training

    Eric is a Sales Presentations Trainer, Executive Speaking Coach and Conference Speaker. He is the creator of the "T.R.U.E Presentations", a tool for helping individuals and organisations to create and deliver Sales Presentations that are memorable, engaging and persuasive which result in increased sales, enhanced reputations and competitive advantages. He has spoken, coached and trained  in the USA, the UK and throughout Ireland and for the last few years has been recognised as one of the leading speakers in Britain and Ireland. He is a member of the Sales institute of Ireland, the Professional Speakers association and the Irish Institute of Training and Development.