Increase Productivity through Effective Time Management



This course aims to explore the challenges of time management and develop strategies to support you to manage the tasks and activities you must complete in the time available, and to optimise your work and outputs.

Course Duration

Classroom: 1 day

Online 1 day

Course Objectives

By the end of this programme you will:
Have identified pitfalls that steal time away from you and how to avoid or minimise them  
Have strategies to optimise your work whether working from home or in the office
Have prepared a personal action plan to develop the skills required and implement steps to manage your time

Course Content

  • The benefits and challenges of time management. Your outcome: What do you want to create? You will explore both the benefits and challenges of optimising your work along with the outcome you would like to create through managing the challenges. 
  • The foundation time management skills: Whether working from home or at the workplace, you need good time management skills of planning, prioritising tasks, and scheduling tasks into your day, week, month to achieve your goals. Applying these core skills as a staple to good time management will be discussed. 
  • Strategies to manage the challenges and best practice tips will be covered: Common challenges generally fit into the categories of focus, creating structure, boundaries, creating routines, creating a dedicated work area, managing working hours, optimising your work; collaborating and connecting with work colleagues. These and others will be explored and connected to the core time management skills of planning, prioritising and task scheduling using an effective to-do-plan.  
  • Participants will work together, sharing ideas and then develop their action plans to implement and practice.
  • A variety of tools and techniques will be shared with the participants.
This course is delivered by Dymphna Ormond - Ormond Coaching
Dymphna has been working with senior leaders, managers, supervisors, team leaders, teams and individual contributors across industry sectors since 2003. Her purpose is to support leaders, teams and individual contributors be the best they can be, to challenge themselves and move towards their potential, to make each day a little better for themselves and for others.Dymphna is a qualified executive coach, an action learning set facilitator, licenced to deliver a range of psychometric profiles and assessments including Everything DiSC, Motivational Maps and Belbin Team Roles, has a Ph.D and Diploma in Sales and Marketing.