Managing Remote Teams


1 day, 09:30 AM - 03:30 PM


  • €95.00 incl.


As remote working becomes more of a reality in our lives, it is becoming apparent that our virtual workplace can either help or hinder our productivity. This session is aimed at managers and supervisors who are working remotely with their teams and want to increase productivity despite the challenges and obstacles being faced. This training session aims to put forth ideas around the realities and challenges of the virtual office, how distractions can come in various forms and how, because of habits we have inadvertently developed, we may be sabotaging our productivity without even realising it. We will also share key tips how to be flexible in working relationships, staying in touch virtually, and keeping lines of communication open.

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the critical success factors in managing remote teams
  • Learn various communication options for both work and social connections within teams
  • Gain strategies for supporting employees through anxious and uncertain times
  • Understand key tips and tricks for setting good habits and dealing with distractions

Topics covered in this course will include:

  • The unique challenges in remote working
  • The realities of distractions in our lives – physical, mental, and emotional – and how to set good habits
  • Facilitating good time management strategies with employees and teams
  • Virtually connecting, communicating, and influencing the people who work for us and with us

Course provider: Monere Development Services