Microsoft Teams



Microsoft Teams is the ultimate tool for collaborating at work. Teams provides a simple and easy-to-use app that allows you to chat with your team via text, have a voice conversation, or a video meeting.


Getting started with Microsoft Teams

· The Microsoft Teams Interface

· Creating a New Team

· Adding Members to Your Team

Managing Teams

· Editing the Team

· Accessing Advanced Team Settings

· Managing Team Members

· Managing Settings

· Managing Apps

· Deleting the Team

· Using the Files Tab in Teams

· Viewing Files and Managing Files


· Viewing Channels

· Creating a Channel

· Marking a Channel as a Favourite

· Following and Unfollowing a Channel

· Accessing the Channel Email Address and Link

· Accessing the Team’s SharePoint Page

· Renaming a Channel and Deleting a Channel

Posting Messages

· Expanding the Compose Box

· Editing a Message

· Replying to a Message

· Adding Files to a Message

· Deleting a Message

Managing Messages

· Marking Messages as Read and Unread

· Liking a Message

· Saving a Message

· Using Mentions and Announcements

· Viewing Your Activity

· Searching in Teams

Managing Files in a Channel

· Viewing Posted Files

· Creating a New File

· Uploading a File

· Managing Files

Using Chat

· Starting a Chat

· Replying to a Chat Message

· Adding Other Users to the Chat

· Using Chat Message Features

· Scheduling a Meeting from a Chat Message

· Starting Audio or Video Calls

Managing Meetings

· Using the Meetings Tab

· Scheduling a Meeting

· Editing a Meeting

· Joining a Meeting

· Cancelling a Meeting

Adding Tabs to a Channel

· Adding a Tab

· Using Tab Conversations

· Renaming a Tab and Removing a Tab

Managing your Teams Profile

· Updating Your Profile Picture

· Changing Your Status

· Changing Your Teams Settings