Overcoming Challenges through Creative Problem Solving


3 hours, 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM


  • €95.00 incl. 0% - tax exempt


This programme will cover:

  • Understanding Problem Solving, Creativity and the Drive to Action
  • Moving away from focused, linear perception and targeted questions
  • Achieving open plurality in thinking
  • Analysing Problems
  • Generating Alternative actions
  • Removing Obstacles & Blockages
  • Leading others to action


Opening Perception to achieve Creative Problem Solving

  • Obtaining Clear Thinking by knowing how to separate ‘Passion’ from ‘Emotion’ when dealing with problems
  • Thinking ‘outside the box’: Using Open Questions to Open the Mind.
  • Introduction to the IDEAL™ model for successful Problem solving
    • I: Identify the Problem
    • D: Define your Objective
    • E: Explore Options
    • A: Anticipate Obstacles
    • L: Lead others to Action

Exploring Creativity as a tool for successful Problem Solving

  • Participants are introduced to ideas on gaining successful Creativity in Organisations (through the work of T. Amabile – Harvard School of Business)
  • The session continues with techniques in developing ability to make use of a variety of perspectives to stimulate new ideas in problem solving and decision making.
  • These Ideas are captured and a mind-map is drawn to show the relevance of these ideas to the issues at hand.

Overcoming Negative Thinking – Developing ideas for action

  • This session focuses on removing obstacles and blockages to achieving effective problem solving
  • Participants learn to use the D.N.A. print to change negative thinking into positive action.

Being Creative in Leading Others to Action

  • Great Ideas can often be lost in Translation
  • Participants learn to transfer their thoughts in a way that makes sense to others
  • Getting others to want to do what you want them to do

Delivered by Valerie Pierce, Clear Thinking in Action