Decision Making for Growth



This programme will cover:

· Understanding Decision Making, Problem Solving and the Drive to Action

· Moving away from focused, linear perception and targeted questions

· Achieving open plurality in thinking

· Analysing Problems

· Generating Alternative actions

· Removing Obstacles & Blockages to achieve confident, clear decisions



Part 1:

· Making decisions with feelings - knowing how to separate ‘Passion’ from ‘Emotion’ when dealing with difficult situations.

· Using the ‘Clock Model’ to see all aspects of a problem situation

· Asking the right questions to achieve the best answers

Part 2:

· Learning how to deal with Adversity: overcoming Negative Thinking

· Removing obstacles and blockages that hinder clear decision making

· Participants learn to use the D.N.A. print model to change negative thinking into positive, innovative action.


Delivered by Valerie Pierce, Clear Thinking in Action