Galway Executive Skillnet is a training network which provides Government subsidised training to local private sector companies and their employees, to help them upskill and increase their competitiveness.


Galway Executive Skillnet (GES) was formed in 2002 as a direct response to the needs of local businesses in Galway city & its environs, to improve the skills of employees within the local business community in order to maintain competitiveness and enhance employability.  The main objective of GES is to deliver high quality, cost effective, relevant, flexible and customised training locally in the West of Ireland to our member companies.  Although our members are primary based in Galway city, we also have members in the neighbouring counties i.e. Clare, Mayo & Roscommon.

GES has ca. 300 active member companies.  They vary in size from large multi-nationals to medium, small and micro indigenous businesses, including sole traders.  With a focus on smaller businesses, there is great diversity in terms of sectors, from manufacturing to the service sector, straddling industries such as life sciences, hospitality, financial services, technology and retail to name but a few.   Within the network, training courses are delivered across a diverse range of skills – including management development, transversal skills and functional expertise.

GES also fills an important gap by helping member companies to identify training needs, plan training and source appropriate training vendors. Having this work done centrally saves duplication of effort, time and money for member companies.  This is particularly important as the majority of member companies do not have a HR/Training function internally.

Contracting Organisation

The Galway Executive Skillnet Network promoter is KT Business Skills Ltd. KT Business Skills will be the Contracting Body for all services and supplies associated with the Galway Executive Skillnet Network.


Benefits of Joining 

  • Subsidised Training
  • Relevant courses dictated by the members’ needs
  • Quality product – procured & QA’ed
  • Flexible provision
  • Local
  • Professional training service (Start-to-End)
  • Networking Opportunities

Providing quality training to give you relevant skills at a time, place and price that works for you.

Contact Us Now!

We devise training and development initiatives to meet the collective skill-requirements of the members. If you wish to become a member please contact Carl on 091-546700, email info@galwayexecutiveskillnet.com. or use the form below:


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